Qualified Teachers

All of our teachers are qualified secondary school teachers. 18% of our teachers studied at Oxbridge, 50% went to a Russell Group university and 50% were a department head.

We know qualifications aren’t a sure-fire way of hiring a great teacher. Some of the best teachers we hire aren’t stellar on paper. We just aim to hire the best.

Here at Test Teach we depend on a team of highly talented, highly experienced teachers, many of them with a history in local grammar schools. Our teachers are vetted, interviewed and undertake a supervised demonstration lesson as part of our hiring process, meaning we have personal, first-hand experience of their teaching skills before we commit to taking them on.

All of our teachers have a background in secondary school teaching and we have separate teachers for English and maths. This means our teaching staff are much more specialised than the average primary school teacher and can dedicate their resources to their specific subject, allowing for a more focused learning experience. It is our commitment to well-trained and specialised teachers that distinguishes us from other tutoring agencies, which often rely on untrained assistants or primary school level teachers. Where applicable, verbal reasoning is taught by the English teacher and non verbal reasoning by the maths teacher.

  • All teachers have QTS – Qualified Teacher Status.
  • All of our teachers are or have been secondary school teachers.
  • 18% of our teachers studied at either Oxford or Cambridge University.
  • 50% of our teachers studied at a Russell Group university.
  • 50% of our teachers have been a Head of Department.
  • 36% of our teachers have taught at a selective school.
  • Our teachers go through a rigorous selection process.
  • All our teachers have an enhanced DBS

All staff featured are employed as of January 2019.