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A Crisis of Faith

Ever since Theresa May’s plans to expand the grammar school system were announced, the question of “fair” admissions policies has come up in almost every debate about the future of British schools. However, while grammar schools may have caught public interest and reignited old battles over social mobility and inequality, a much older conflict has been brewing in the background over a different type of selective education: faith schools.

The Grammar School Debate - As it Stands

The announcement of Theresa May’s plans for new grammar schools has revived a decades-old debate about selective schooling in the British educational system, and the last few months have seen the issue rise to the top of the parliamentary agenda. The proposal is facing resistance from both Labour MPs and Conservative backbenchers, and has also drawn criticism from teachers and members of the educational establishment.

Boredom, Brexit, and British Teachers Abroad

Education news has been pushed to the sideline by the upcoming EU referendum, but schools and teachers are now stepping into the fray to warn that Brexit might negatively impact children's education, citing the difficulties it will create for Languages departments and the funding problems it will create at university level, particularly for students pursuing a career in sciences