They're here to help

In addition to our teaching staff we have a team of teaching assistants whose job it is to keep up contact between teachers, students, and parents.

Every class is assigned two teaching assistants who help out in lessons and provide extra support and encouragement to children who need it. If your child is struggling with something in particular, you can ask them to go over it with your child. They're your main point of contact for the course, and will always be available to talk to before and after lessons. Our teaching assistants are hired from a pool of promising local students, some of them former pupils of Test Teach, and are selected for academic success, strong communication skills, and their ability to act as good role models.

  • Will Teaching Assistants

    Will is currently studying for his A-Levels at Sutton Grammar and was a straight-A student for his GCSEs.

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  • Natalie Administrators

    Natalie went to Tiffin Girls' School and is currently doing a degree in industrial design.

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  • Caleb Teaching Assistants

    Caleb is currently studying for his A Levels at Wilson's School. He got 9 A*s at GCSE and 3 A's at AS Level.

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  • Ramyaa Teaching Assistants

    Ramyaa is a former student of Test Teach is studying for her A Levels at Nonsuch High School for Girls. She got 5 A's and 4 A*s at GCSE.

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  • Daniel Teaching Assistants

    Daniel is a former student of Test Teach and is currently studying his A Levels at Sutton Grammar School. He gained 10 A*s at GCSE and wants to become a doctor.

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  • Caroline Administrators

    Caroline managed the school office at Tiffin School for over 10 years and has worked at Test Teach for 5 years.

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