Our Centres

We currently run our courses on Saturday at three separate schools, the addresses of which are listed below. We prefer to operate from schools as they allow us to simulate a classroom environment and help children get the experience of secondary level teaching.

Our centres are located in close proximity to a number of grammar schools, and are amply provided with parking spaces and easily accessible by public transport. If you are uncertain which centre is best for you and the schools your child is applying for then feel free to email or call us at our office address at the bottom right corner of the page. Our staff will be happy to give you any advice you need.

Kingston Centre

Grey Court School
Ham Street
Richmond upon Thames
TW10 7HN

Based in the brand new sixth form centre at Grey Court School, our Kingston Centre specialises in preparing children for the entrance exams set by Tiffin School, Tiffin Girls' School and the local independent schools. The course consists mostly of English and maths tuition but does also include some verbal reasoning.

Croydon Centre

Edenham High School
Orchard Way

Our Croydon Centre at Orchard Park High School (previously known as Edenham High School) is run along similar lines to our Sutton branch but the course includes some verbal and non-verbal reasoning alongside the more traditional English and mathematics of our regular syllabus. The classrooms themselves are modern and spacious, and the drama hall is opened up as a meeting area where parents and teaching assistants can discuss progress and test results.

Sutton Centre - Saturdays

Overton Grange
Stanley Rd

Overton Grange is a large, modern academy, with well-equipped classrooms, whiteboard facilities, and a large entrance hall where our assistants will be waiting to help you with any queries. Our Sutton centre at Overton Grange is primarily dedicated to children looking at grammar schools in the immediate area, although we have had parents from as far afield as Portsmouth.