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School News Roundup

The past months have seen a rise in grammar-school related news, with the debate over new grammar schools breaking out again due to Weald of Kent Grammar School’s planned expansion, and the recent GCSE League Tables prompting numerous comments on the current state of education.

The Telegraph summarises some of the controversy over the recent Weald of Kent expansion, after campaign groups recently abandoned plans to challenge the new school annex.

GCSE League Tables Show Sutton Still Strong Despite National Decline

The release of secondary school league tables last week has once again prompted a flurry of protest and controversy among parents and head teachers, with many rushing to criticise flaws and perceived unfairness in the ranking system. Recent overhauls in the ranking system have seen an overall drop in schools’ results, as results for certain qualifications deemed too “easy” have been discounted and pass marks for certain subjects appear to have been raised.