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School News Roundup - February

Educational news in the past month has been dominated by the controversy over education secretary Nicky Morgan's introduction of new primary school testing and assessment guidelines, while the ongoing plans for grammar school expansion in Kent have seen pundits analysing the performance of state and grammar schools in the university admissions tables.

The controversy over the recent changes to primary school assessments has seen teacher outcry from the outset, and they are now being joined by an increasing number of headteachers and senior school figures who are making their frustration public in the press. Dissatisfaction with the SATs have even led one headteacher to petition for Nicky Morgan to sit the revised exams to see if she can "meet the Year 6 standard" herself.

Nicky Morgan has published a twitter video defending her recent changes to primary school assessments. There has been considerable upset over the changes and Nicky Morgan’s video has already prompted a number of irate responses from teaching professionals and members of the press.

Recent university admissions figures show that Oxford and Cambridge still favour students from privileged and privately educated backgrounds, yet the Telegraph points to evidence suggesting that state and grammar schools might be more motivated than their private counterparts to help bright students attain Oxbridge places.

Lastly, The Guardian debunks some of the most common “brain myths” that are still found throughout the education sector. Notions like "left-brained" and "right-brained" learning are still widespread in schools despite a lack of supporting evidence and the potential harm they might cause to children's education.

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