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School News Roundup

The past months have seen a rise in grammar-school related news, with the debate over new grammar schools breaking out again due to Weald of Kent Grammar School’s planned expansion, and the recent GCSE League Tables prompting numerous comments on the current state of education.

The Telegraph summarises some of the controversy over the recent Weald of Kent expansion, after campaign groups recently abandoned plans to challenge the new school annex.

Kent performed poorly in the recently-released league tables, with a total of 20 underperforming schools – the highest in the country – although grammar schools marked a notable exception to the trend.

The Guardian’s analysis of GCSE results revealed that all-girls secondary schools are outperforming all-boys schools, with both appearing to have an edge over mixed schools.

This news comes on the back of recent comments from Brighton College’s Richard Cairns that all-girls schools put children at a “huge disadvantage” when socialising with the opposite sex and provide minimal academic gains, despite evidence to the contrary.

Meanwhile, there was alarm – and frustration – this week as bomb threats were phoned in to schools across the country, including some in the local area. The threats were later revealed to be hoaxes perpetrated by a Russian Twitter group looking to cause chaos abroad; before it was taken offline, the group offered to make fake bomb threats in exchange for money to students looking to get out of school.

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